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People often ask me what I think of C.A.R.M.

The following is a thread that I had with Matt Slick from CARM when I asked him about his misleading definitions on the terms in the Calvin Arminian debate.  He only made one comment.


I believe that you stated in your online dictionary that cults believe in synergism.  Is this to say that the Arminian is cultic?

Thanks, Steve



If anyone believes you have to do good works with the grace of God to be saved, then it is false and cultic.





Is having your own faith in salvation a works salvation?  Thanks Steve



Hi Matt,


Your definition of synergism is inaccurate.  It is academically irresponsible to leave that definition on your site.  You well know that monergism and synergism are commonly discussed terms in the Calvin, Arminian debate.  I am sure that young apologists will come to your site looking to understand the terminology used in the discussion of election.  Also I am sure they are supposing that the definition would be bipartisan. 

What they will find will shock them to be afraid of Arminian thinking.  You are asserting that anything other than Calvinism is salvation by works in your definition.  This causes me to believe that CARM, like other websites such as Theopedia and Theologica are using information for academic discussion to persuade people to Calvinism.

It is possibly deceptive to imply on your site that you do not propagate Calvinism and then leave your definition of synergism online.

You well know that there are nonpartisan definitions you could use.

You may believe that anything other than Calvinism is cultic but I am just curious so as to know, that I will not refer anyone there anymore and in fact caution people about your motives.

I hope I am wrong.





Hi Matt,


Your silence speaks volumes.  Since I did not receive a response to my last email.  And in light of your immediate response to my first email to imply that the Arminian is cultic.  I conclude that you are getting my emails but don’t want come out and just answer my question. 

I will go ahead and inform the many people I have some influence over and the vast networking capabilities I have access to, let people know that,


CARM is a:



C alvinist leaning Apologetics website who is being,


A cademically irresponsible in its definitions in the Calvin, Arminian debate with the purpose of,


R edirecting the uninformed young apologist by using,


M isguiding definitions commonly used in the discussion.



Thank you for the thread.




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